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Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centers, Inc. - Outpatient Counseling Center

16 Coventry Street
Hartford CT, 06112
Contact Phone: (860) 714-3704
Website: http://www.adrc-ct.org
Details: The Outpatient Counseling Center offers two levels of treatment both in English and Spanish. It is conveniently located on a city bus line and offers ample parking. The center is handicapped accessible. The center holds a multi-service psychiatric license in addition to a Substance Abuse license, which facilitates treatment for clients with co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse. Intensive Outpatient Treatment is offered in both the day and the evening hours, and runs four times per week, three hours each day, Monday through Friday. It is designed for the client who needs more structured and frequent treatment. This program for adults (18 years old and above) employs highly structured group therapy with cognitive-behavioral approach that includes stress management, family processes, role playing, and relapse prevention skills. Outpatient Treatment is designed for clients who are in need of treatment but who also have the skills and support to recover without the need of a higher level of treatment. Outpatient service provides weekly individual, group and family counseling. Specialty groups provide anger management, relapse prevention, aftercare and gender specific treatment. Outpatient treatment affords clients the ability to continue with jobs and schooling. Treatment is tailored to individualized needs and the range of services includes individual and group therapy; alcohol and drug education; relapse prevention; family therapy and ongoing aftercare. Clients come to the Center from other ADRC programs, State and city agencies, local treatment centers, Department of Children and Families, and state probation offices. Treatment costs are covered by General Assistance, Medicaid, some commercial plans and sliding fee scale. Those using the Center include blue and white-collar workers and professionals whose substance abuse problems have resulted in many losses including jobs, families, and stable living situations.

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