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Below are 2 drug rehabilitation centers in Allegan, MI.

Allegan Drug Rehab Centers

Pathways, Mi - Allegan Office
Location: Allegan, MI - 49010
Contact Phone: (269) 673-1896
Website: http://www.pathwaysmi.org/
Description: Counseling services at Pathways, MI are designed to support and grow resiliency in our clients and families. We want to provide our clients with the necessary social-emotional tools and skills to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives. We offer individual and group outpatient counseling services to children, youth, adults and families to support their efforts to live healthy and productive lives, in a way that has meaning for them. Many people experience both Mental Health and Substance Abuse problems and it is often difficult to determine where one ends and the other begins. Pathways, MI counselors are trained to treat both mental health and substance abuse issues so treatment for both can occur with one counselor, at one time, under one roof!

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