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Below are 7 drug rehabilitation centers in Lynn, MA.

Lynn Drug Rehab Centers

Lynn Community Health Center - Behavioral Healthcare
Location: Lynn, MA - 01901
Contact Phone: (781) 581-3900
Website: http://www.lchcnet.org
Description: Behavioral health services can help you address a range of mental health, substance abuse, and social issues. Lynn Community Health Center can help you and your family overcome the challenges you face with respect and dignity.
Lahey Health Behavioral Services - Transitional Support Services
Location: Lynn, MA - 01902
Contact Phone: (781) 593-9434
Website: http://www.nebhealth.org/
Description: Short-term residential treatment for men and women struggling with substance abuse issues and awaiting placement in a halfway house
Habit Opco Lynn Treatment Center
Location: Lynn, MA - 01905
Contact Phone: (781) 595-2413
Website: http://www.bostonctc.com/
Description: Lynn Comprehensive Treatment Center is a top provider of medication assisted treatment for those who are afflicted with opioid addiction. We supply programming options for women and men, aged 18 and older. At Lynn Comprehensive Treatment Center, our comprehensive approach to care includes a mix of therapeutic services and the use of safe and effective medications. With a staff comprised of doctors, counselors, and nurses, Lynn Comprehensive Treatment Center is able to provide clients with an environment that boasts security and comfort while they begin working towards a complete recovery. When individuals are faced with an addiction to heroin, prescription pain medications, or morphine, our skilled and understanding team of professionals goes above and beyond to ensure that all patients are receiving the proper supervision and administration of their medications so their treatment can be as successful as possible.
Project Cope - Outpatient Clinic - Substance Abuse Intervention
Location: Lynn, MA - 01901
Contact Phone: (781) 581-9270
Website: http://www.bridgewell.org/
Description: Project COPE offers evaluation services, as well as individual, couples, family, and group counseling for adults and adolescents.
Tri City Mental Health And Retardation Center Inc
Location: Lynn, MA - 01901
Contact Phone: (781) 596-9260
Lahey Health Behavioral Services - The Ryan House
Location: Lynn, MA - 01902
Contact Phone: (781) 593-9434
Website: http://www.nebhealth.org/
Description: Ryan House is a treatment-focused halfway house that provides services to those who seek recovery from addiction and related mental health issues. Just a ten minute walk from the ocean in Lynn, Masschusetts, the Ryan House is a co-ed program with separate houses for men and women that offer 24-hour supervision and comprehensive, individualized recovery plans. At Ryan House, all clients are treated with dignity, respect, and the belief that when provided with support, education, and direction, everyone has the ability to grow and thrive.
Lynn Community Health Center - Suboxone Treatment
Location: Lynn, MA - 01901
Contact Phone: (781) 780-4984
Website: http://www.lchcnet.org/
Description: People become addicted to opiates such as heroin or prescription pain medication because these drugs attach to receptors in the brain that stimulate pleasure. The body responds by reducing endorphins, natural hormones related to the same process. This reduction triggers the user to need more of the opiate, which over time creates both physical and psychological dependence on the drug. Suboxone is an “opioid receptor agonist-antagonist” that attaches to the same receptors in the brain that opiates do. It stimulates them enough to avert withdrawal symptoms, but not enough to produce the “high” that an opiate would produce. If the patient does use an opiate, there will be no effect because the receptors are already busy with Suboxone. This helps reduce cravings for the drug, making it easier for the patient to refrain from using. Suboxone treatment is unique because it can be used in the doctor’s office in a primary care setting. “Unfortunately there is a lot of stigma related to going to a clinic-based program, like Methadone, that requires daily on-site treatment,” says Dr. Robert-Schultheis. “Our program is office-based. The patient takes the medicine the first time in the doctor’s office, observed by their provider. After that, the daily dose can be self administered at home.” Once a patient begins taking the medication, they are screened weekly for illicit substance use via urine toxicology screens. If no evidence of other substances is found, they are reduced to bimonthly visits. After an extended period of abstinence and proven treatment program compliance, which includes therapeutic modalities such as group and individual psychotherapy, they are finally reduced to monthly maintenance visits. We encourage most patients to stay in the program for at least a year, often longer. “It takes a long time to recover from opiate addiction,” says Dr. Roberts-Schultheis. “Our patients usually have to find employment and stable housing. Most have to build a whole new social network away from a peer group that was supporting their destructive behavior as well as receive treatment and stabilize from any co-occurring mental health disorders. It is a very difficult process and we want to make sure they have the support they need.”

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