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Below are 4 drug rehabilitation centers in Lawrence, MA.

Lawrence Drug Rehab Centers

Habit Opco Lawrence Treatment Center
Location: Lawrence, MA - 01841
Contact Phone: (978) 687-6300
Website: http://www.nemassctc.com/
Description: Lawrence Comprehensive Treatment Center, a leader in the provision of medication assisted treatment for individuals who are addicted to opioids, supplies programming options for adults aged 18 and older. Lawrence Comprehensive Treatment Center offers complete, 360-degree care that involves a blend of therapeutic services and the implementation of effective and safe medications
The Psychological Center - Pegasus House
Location: Lawrence, MA - 01840
Contact Phone: (978) 687-4257
Website: http://www.psychologicalcenter.org/
Description: Pegasus is a residential treatment facility that was established in 1985. Pegasus strives to educate, motivate and assist those wanting to make a change in their life. This program offers an environment that reinforces a drug and alcohol free lifestyle that includes attitudinal and behavioral changes. Clients are encouraged to cooperate with one another to learn the skills and responsibilities needed to care for themselves and develop positive relationships within the community. While at Pegasus, clients have multiple educational and or vocational opportunities. Clients are able to pursue their GED or take college classes at the local Community Colleges. Additionally, clients can utilize the Career Center at Valley Works to develop a resume and pursue alternative Certificate Programs. Case Management is available to assist clients in navigating through what can appear to be a complex and overwhelming process of applying to school or maintaining a job.
The Psychological Center
Location: Lawrence, MA - 01840
Contact Phone: (978) 685-1337
Website: http://www.psychologicalcenter.org/
Description: Mission Statement: To help people who are experiencing mental health, substance or alcohol abuse, addiction, homelessness, hopelessness or other issues in their lives so they can respond to and overcome the stressors that they experience in the home, school, workplace and community with resilience and positive coping responses.
The Psychological Center - Womens View
Location: Lawrence, MA - 01843
Contact Phone: (978) 687-1658
Website: http://www.psychologicalcenter.org/
Description: The Women's View program is a strength-based model, which provides a stable, nurturing structure for women to learn how to balance life issues with the added stressors of maintaining sobriety. The program provides twenty-four seven awake support staff, individual case-management, therapy and psychiatric referrals, in house psycho-educational groups, peer led Woman For Sobriety Group, legal counseling and referral, and nurturing support 24 hours a day. The program encourages self-sufficiency and accountability, helping with health and education issues as well as the simple teaching of cooking and food prep. After an appropriate amount of time, our clients are expected to begin work/volunteering or education pursuits; this will allow them to use the structure and safety of the program to begin balancing everyday life issues along with the responsibility of maintaining a healthy sober life style. The Program works on a four tier level system that can change on a weekly basis according to individual client accountability. This allows a resident to identify behaviors and /or thinking patterns that may be red flags leading to problems or relapse before they happen. This system allows a client to learn from the early signs of problems, instead of falling into a harmful pattern, which can lead back to old behaviors and consequences. The Women’s View Program is vigilant in our commitment to treatment without barriers. Although Women’s View is not a family Program, we support all aspects of our client’s life, most importantly, relationships and family. The Women’s View Program opens its doors to all mother/child visits/communications and collaborations with DCF, attorneys and all community based services needs in this process. We share the goal of family reunification and will assist in any way we can. The mission of the Women's View Recovery House Program is to assist women in recovery to fulfill their highest potential in society and in their personal lives going forward.

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