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Below are 3 drug rehabilitation centers in Greenfield, MA.

Greenfield Drug Rehab Centers

Center For Human Development - Watershed Recovery Center For Women
Location: Greenfield, MA - 01301
Contact Phone: (413) 512-5018
Website: http://chd.org/
Description: The Watershed Recovery Center for Women is a turning point for women who are in the early stages of recovery from alcohol and other drug problems and are vulnerable to relapse. The Recovery Center provides treatment and recovery within a structured, therapeutic environment. Located at the convergence of the Connecticut and Deerfield Rivers in Greenfield, Massachusetts, the Watershed Recovery Center is a 25-bed facility for women, including civilly committed (Section 35), pregnant and postpartum women and their infants up to one year old. The site offers a tranquil and serene environment to help residents transition from early recovery to productive community living.
Chd Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic - Greenfield
Location: Greenfield, MA - 01301
Contact Phone: (413) 774-6252
Website: http://chd.org/
Description: CHD is committed to serving the Franklin County area. From our new location at the Cherry Rum Plaza, CHD’s Greenfield Clinic offers professionally trained counselors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and clinical nurse specialists to help individuals and families overcome emotional and mental health challenges – and enjoy a happier, more fulfilling life. Whether you are worried about how your child is feeling or doing at home or in school, your own feelings of depression, anxiety, alcohol or drug use, marital problems or any of the other issues people face on a daily basis, we can help.
Community Health Care Inc. - Community Substance Abuse Center Greenfield
Location: Greenfield, MA - 01301
Contact Phone: (413) 774-3321
Website: http://www.csacmethadone.com/
Description: Community Substance Abuse Centers (CSAC) is a private, outpatient program which provides humanistic treatment for those who abuse drugs. The program specializes in the treatment of narcotic addiction. Services are confidential and professional. CSAC maintains a strong commitment to high quality, cost-effective treatment to the substance abusing patient. The goal is to provide prompt, professional and effective services to assist patient/consumers in dealing with problems that are both directly and indirectly related to substance abuse. CSAC offers integrated medical and counseling approaches grounded in an individualized recovery oriented philosophy that treats addiction as a biopsychosocial disease.

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