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Below are 8 drug rehabilitation centers in Framingham, MA.

Framingham Drug Rehab Centers

Advocates Community Counseling - Framingham
Location: Framingham, MA - 01702
Contact Phone: (508) 661-2020
Website: http://www.advocates.org/
Description: Addiction is a serious problem that causes harm not only to individuals and families, but also to public safety. Advocates offers a number of programs and treatment options for people struggling with addiction so they can embark on a path to recovery, and in turn make their lives - and our communities - safer and stronger.
Genesis Counseling Services Inc
Location: Framingham, MA - 01702
Contact Phone: (508) 620-2992
Website: http://www.genesiscounselingservices.org
Description: Genesis Counseling Services, Inc. and its staff recognizes substance abuse and addiction as preventable and treatable. While every person is ultimately responsible for the decisions he/she makes regarding alcohol and other drug use, we are committed to helping people make the best possible decisions in this area of their lives. We believe that our clients have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and to have their needs met in a timely fashion. No matter what their economic status, all who suffer from addiction have a right to treatment and we will do our best to serve all who ask for help. Today an innumerable amount of individuals experience problems as a result of their own or a family member's use of alcohol or other drugs. No race, age group, gender, or socioeconomic class is safe from its devastating impact. Although Genesis Counseling Services does not prescribe any medication, we will coordinate care with your prescriber, or do our best to help you find one if needed.
Smoc - Behavioral Health Addiction Services
Location: Framingham, MA - 01702
Contact Phone: (508) 879-2250
Website: http://www.smoc.org
Description: The Addiction Services component provides group and individual therapy to adults who are experiencing negative consequences due to addiction. Most often the addiction is to alcohol and/or drugs but can also be to other behaviors such as food, gambling or sex. The goal of addiction services is to assist the individual in understanding the purpose the addiction serves in their life, identify the triggers to their addictive pattern and develop coping skills to assist the individual maintain abstinence, and ultimately, thereby improve their quality of life. Although abstinence is the ultimate goal, therapy services are individualized to "meet the person where they are at" in terms of their motivation for change. Engagement and the building and maintenance of a therapeutic relationship with the client are given ultimate importance in the delivery of therapeutic services.
Smoc - Sage House Residential Family Treatment Program
Location: Framingham, MA - 01702
Contact Phone: (508) 626-2586
Website: http://www.smoc.org/
Description: Sage House provides a comprehensive range of services to families (male head of household with children and/or couples with children) with chronic substance abuse problems. The average length of for clients is six to eight months. The program objective is to increase unconditional self, acceptance, self-direction, independent functioning and emotional resilience while decreasing at-risk behaviors. The programs mission: “We Listen, We Focus on Behaviors, We Offer Choices, and We are Open to Change.”
New England Aftercare Ministries, Inc. - The Bridge House
Location: Framingham, MA - 01702
Contact Phone: (508) 872-6194
Website: http://www.thebridgehouse.org/
Description: The Bridge House is a halfway house program where newly sober men practice sobriety and work toward a successful return to society. To enter the program, each applicant is required to have a minimum of 30 days sobriety. Typically men come from a 30-day counseling support service (a CSS) or a transitional support service (TSS). Prior to the CSS/TSS they would have gone through a detox. The Bridge House is neither a detox nor a CSS facility. The Bridge House offers eight one-hour groups weekly, organized to allow working men the ability to attend as many groups as possible. Additionally, each resident is provided weekly one-on-one counseling that helps them build and fulfill their own individualized treatment plan. The individuality and unique needs of each resident are respected under LADC1 supervision (the highest level of addiction counseling supervision). Much of the program is provided outside as men are encouraged from Day 2 to become engaged in outside recovery activities. We are not a mental health facility, but we are staffed by Christian counselors with a heart for helping men in need along their path to better living. We do not set up appointments for men. They do their own work. And while they do these activities they must also find and maintain employment. Once employed, each resident must pay a treatment fee of $125 per week.
Wayside Youth & Family Support Network - Wayside Metrowest
Location: Framingham, MA - 01702
Contact Phone: (508) 620-0010
Website: http://www.waysideyouth.org
Description: Wayside has been an integral part of the MetroWest community for more than 35 years. We got our start as one of the region's first emergency shelters for teen runaways in 1977. Today, we operate many counseling and family support programs and services, as well as the Wayside Campus, a residential, day and educational facility. We partner with local schools, medical health professionals and community leaders to identify areas of need and to develop services to support children, youth and families.
Spectrum Health Systems - Framingham
Location: Framingham, MA - 01702
Contact Phone: (800) 464-9555
Website: http://www.spectrumhealthsystems.org/
Description: Spectrum’s driver alcohol education program is a 16-week educational program for individuals with a first conviction of Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Clients are court-referred and participation is mandatory. Clients must attend sixteen 2-hour group sessions and two AA Meetings while abstaining from alcohol and other drug use. Spectrum provides outpatient opiate treatment. Same-day admission is available at all of our opiate treatment programs according to a set schedule. This allows clients to complete the intake, physical exam, and toxicology requirement on the same day; if appropriate, clients may also receive their first dose of medication. The admission process may take 3 to 4 hours to complete. Methadone, Suboxone or Vivitrol are available for detoxification and/or longer-term maintenance. All clients receive a comprehensive clinical assessment and complete medical evaluation, medical monitoring, daily onsite dispensing, individualized treatment planning, educational services, and individual, group and/or family counseling. Active treatment planning and support services help ensure sustained recovery. Spectrum’s outpatient counseling program serves adults and adolescents with chronic substance abuse and/or mental health issues, targeting the specific risk factors commonly associated with addiction and mental illness. Counselors begin by engaging the individual in order to build trust, acceptance and mutual respect. Active treatment is used to build the skills needed for recovery. Relapse prevention training, comprehensive aftercare planning and linkages to community resources help facilitate sustained recovery following discharge.

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