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Glen Burnie Drug Rehab Centers

Anne Arundel County Health Department - Adolescent & Family Services
Location: Glen Burnie, MD - 21060
Contact Phone: (410) 222-6725
Website: http://www.aahealth.org
Description: Anne Arundel County Department of Health's Adolescent and Family Services provides outpatient mental health and addiction services to County children and adolescents, ages 4 to 18, and their families. Mental health services are offered by a team of psychiatrists, clinical social workers and psychologists who evaluate children and adolescents experiencing emotional, behavioral and developmental problems. Diagnostic evaluations, medication monitoring, and individual, family and group therapy are available. Services are offered to children and adolescents who are Medicaid eligible. Substance abuse treatment services are offered to children and adolescents, ages 12 to 17, who are experiencing problems related to chemical use and dependency. Services provided include individual, group and family counseling, drug and alcohol assessments, urine screening, and information and referral. Fees for services are assessed on a sliding scale based on family income. Services are also offered to adolescents who have Medical Assistance and are Medical Assistance eligible
Alcohol And Drug Intervention Inc
Location: Glen Burnie, MD - 21061
Contact Phone: (410) 787-2288
Website: http://www.adintervention.org/
Description: We are available to help you with issues associated with substance abuse and dependency. ADI, INC. realizes that substance abuse leaves everyone, the addicted and family members in despair. We can provide exceptional treatment to rebuild the substance abuser's lifestyle.
Alcohol And Drug Programs Management Inc
Location: Glen Burnie, MD - 21061
Contact Phone: (410) 768-3303
Anne Arundel Counseling Inc
Location: Glen Burnie, MD - 21061
Contact Phone: (410) 768-5988
Website: http://www.annearundelcounseling.com
Description: Anne Arundel Counseling is an established private agency where your needs are considered first. We have a strong mission for helping individuals, families and community members achieve maximum personal growth. It is a place where clients can count on being understood and assisted in the most professional and confidential manner possible. We understand and respect each individual situation.
Ejal Health Services Inc
Location: Glen Burnie, MD - 21061
Contact Phone: (410) 761-3686
Website: http://ejalhealth.com/
Description: The clinic is a private pay methadone maintenance clinic that accepts medical assistance and provides services to a patient population on an outpatient basis (ASAM level I) for opiate addiction. The clinic began operation in September of 1996. It is our goal to assist each patient with overcoming the physiological and psychological aspects of their addiction problem regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, and sexual orientation, therefore enabling them to become positive and productive members of society. However, this can only be achieved if the patient engages in the treatment process with a positive attitude and remains focused on their recovery process. We provide this service while adhering to all laws and regulations concerning confidentiality while maintaining a safe and professional environment in which a patient can be treated for their opiate addiction. The clinic strives to create a positive environment for the patients by having a competent and friendly staff. We maintain the competency through constantly updated training. The clinic hires only qualified staff that delivers services according to federal, state and local laws and regulations. The clinic recently received a three-year accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and has also received a two-year certification from the state of Maryland. EJAL Health Services is a privately owned clinic .Dr Flemembaum is the program sponsor and has over 20 years of experience in addiction treatment. All patient information is kept 100% confidential. No information is ever released without the client’s approval.
Recovery Resources Group Inc
Location: Glen Burnie, MD - 21061
Contact Phone: (410) 787-0964
We Care Arundel Health Services Inc
Location: Glen Burnie, MD - 21061
Contact Phone: (410) 766-9668
Website: http://www.metworkhealthservices.com/
Description: This Program is committed to providing the highest quality methadone maintenance therapy, by employing competent, qualified, and courteous staff and adhering to the best practices in the field, in order to enhance the lives of the people we serve. Client centered addiction treatment at an affordable price is available here. We specialize in the treatment of opioid dependence. Treatment at one of our four locations includes assessments, methadone maintenance, drug counseling and treatment planning developed by you for you. We have been providing treatment for almost twenty years in the Baltimore and D.C. area
Associated Psychotherapists Of Md And Adept
Location: Glen Burnie, MD - 21061
Contact Phone: (410) 761-0725
Website: http://www.apmandadept.com/
Description: We are committed to the inherent worth and dignity of human beings and the right of all individuals to live fully and responsibly in today's difficult world. We are holistic in that we acknowledge all aspects of the person and the importance of creating a fit between the person and their environment. We believe that ongoing collaborative relationships with other professionals are essential for adequate service delivery and for meeting the varied needs of clients. To this end we work in association with a broad network of consulting Psychologists, Psychiatrists, L.C.S.W.'s, and Employee Assistance programs. This allows us to provide our clients with professional help in one location. We believe that people who use mood altering substances have the capacity to change and become substance free. But it takes commitment, time and effort. For the person who is abusing a mood altering substance, abstinence can be an overwhelming prospect. Especially, if the person feels he or she has it under control. We help our clients examine the nature and extent of their substance use in a safe, non-threatening atmosphere.
Anne Arundel County Health Department - Addiction Clinic
Location: Glen Burnie, MD - 21060
Contact Phone: (410) 222-0100
Website: http://www.aahealth.org/
Description: The Adult Addiction Clinic provides an outpatient treatment program for adults who are addicted to narcotic drugs such as heroin. The program offers methadone and buprenorphine in combination with individual, group and family counseling. The treatment program includes drug and alcohol education; urinalysis for drugs; medical exams; and screening for tuberculosis, hepatitis and HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Adult immunizations are given as needed. Referrals are made to other services as needed. Anne Arundel County adult residents who have been addicted to narcotic drugs should call to find out if they are eligible. Based on screening information, some residents may be linked to other providers in order to best meet their needs. Fees for services are determined on a sliding scale based on family income.

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