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Below are 11 drug rehabilitation centers in Frederick, MD.

Frederick Drug Rehab Centers

Frederick Crossroads Centers
Location: Frederick, MD - 21701
Contact Phone: (301) 696-1950
Addiction Treatment Systems - The Frederick Institute
Location: Frederick, MD - 21704
Contact Phone: (301) 663-4130
Website: http://www.addictiontreatmentsystems.com/
Description: For more then 20 years Addiction Treatment Systems has been the leading methadone treatment provider for Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and the District of Columbia. The Frederick Institute is located in the city of Frederick, Maryland. We have been serving the needs of the community since 1998 and are at the forefront of opiate addiction treatment in the Frederick Community. The Frederick Institute is accredited by The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and regulated by state and federal agencies. The Management Team and Medical Director have been working in the narcotics treatment field since the early 1970's. The Treatment Team is composed of the Medical Director, Licensed Nurses, Master Level Clinicians and Certified Counselors.
Gale Recovery, Inc. - Gale House For Women
Location: Frederick, MD - 21701
Contact Phone: (301) 662-2303
Website: http://www.galerecovery.org/
Description: Gale Recovery Inc. is a private non-profit organization located in Frederick offering life changing residential treatment programs for men and women recovering from the diseases of alcoholism and drug dependency since 1976.
Maryland Counseling Centers Inc
Location: Frederick, MD - 21702
Contact Phone: (301) 662-0855
Website: http://www.mcc-center.com
Description: Serving Montgomery, Frederick, and Carroll counties since 1984.
Mountain Manor Treatment Centers - Adult Outpatient
Location: Frederick, MD - 21701
Contact Phone: (301) 662-1407
Website: http://mountainmanor.org/
Description: Mountain Manor Adult Outpatient Treatment Programs provide a comprehensive substance abuse treatment services continuum which includes assessment, education, prevention, treatment, and continuing care to meet the individualized needs of the adult patient and his/her family members. All programs offer individual, group and family counseling, relapse prevention, court referrals, addiction education, and drug testing.
Gale Recovery, Inc. - Olson House For Men
Location: Frederick, MD - 21701
Contact Phone: (301) 662-7003
Website: http://www.galerecovery.org/
Description: Gale Recovery Inc. is a private non-profit organization located in Frederick offering life changing residential treatment programs for men and women recovering from the diseases of alcoholism and drug dependency since 1976.
Frederick County Health Department - Adolescent Substance Abuse
Location: Frederick, MD - 21702
Contact Phone: (301) 600-1755
Website: http://health.frederickcountymd.gov/
Description: Adolescent treatment services are provided in an outpatient setting. Services are offered during after-school hours.
Frederick County Health Department - Adult Substance Abuse
Location: Frederick, MD - 21701
Contact Phone: (301) 600-1775
Website: http://health.frederickcountymd.gov/
Description: Frederick County Substance Abuse Adult Services creates a unique therapeutic learning environment that promotes whole patient healing. Our clinically-designed addiction treatment and recovery program provides a variety of choices to best treat the person seeking help. There are no preset numbers of days; drug and alcohol treatment plans are designed with each individual's recovery in mind.
Way Station Inc
Location: Frederick, MD - 21705
Contact Phone: (301) 662-0099
Website: http://www.waystationinc.org/
Description: Way Station, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing compassionate and quality behavioral health care, housing and employment services to adults with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and substance addictions; children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral challenges; and veterans with service needs. Way Station embraces the principles of recovery and resilience and is committed to providing evidence-based, consumer-driven, and family-focused services.
Allied Counseling Group
Location: Frederick, MD - 21701
Contact Phone: (301) 698-7077
Website: http://www.alliedcounselinggroup.com/
Description: The business known as Allied Counseling Group was formed on December 1, 1991, with Kristin Milne-Glasser as sole proprietor, and was incorporated in Maryland in January 1999 as a limited liability corporation operating as Allied Counseling, LLC. Allied Counseling Group's principal place of business is 306 W. Patrick Street, Frederick, Maryland, with ancillary services offered in New Market. Ongoing program development has progressed with current research in the addictions and mental health field, as well as adding new services that meet public demand. In 2003, additional groups, including anger management, a certified Domestic Violence Batterers' Intervention Treatment program, and STEP parenting classes, were instituted. In addition to providing marriage and family therapy, adolescent services, and EAP services, Allied Counseling also became a resource for certified DOT/SAP services in March 2005. SMART Recovery, a non-12-Step alternative to the 12-Step model of addictions recovery, was added as a separate program in 2006. On-line and telephone counseling services were offered in early 2002 and continue to be a vital link to accessible and affordable mental health and crisis intervention. Since 1991, on-site public seminars and workshops have been offered on a variety of topics annually at no charge to participants, with additional training and consulting provided to a variety of local and state schools, colleges, businesses, and organizations. In 2004, Allied Counseling LLC was invited to participate in the local CASA Advisory Council and to provide training for CASA volunteers. In 2002, Allied Counseling was invited to participate in the Juvenile Services Task Force chaired by Honorable G. Edward Dwyer. Allied Counseling LLC was also invited to participate in the Frederick County Drug Court initiative, participating in both the training and steering committees, to implement delivery of drug court services in May 2004. Allied Counseling LLC also continues to offer internship opportunities and supervision for individuals who seek licensure and certification for entering the field of addictions treatment in Maryland.
Catoctin Counseling Center
Location: Frederick, MD - 21701
Contact Phone: (301) 631-1304
Website: http://www.catoctincounseling.com/
Description: Almost 20 years ago we opened our first office in Thurmont, and since then have been providing counseling services across central Maryland, adding offices in Hagerstown, Westminster and Frederick. We believe that our clients are able to heal and grow with the help of our practical, gentle yet direct therapeutic style. Our goal is to help our clients develop strategies for managing life stressors and behavioral health conditions. Everyone struggles at some point in his or her life. We can help you not just get through your struggles but learn and grow from them. Catoctin Counseling providers have integrated their own personal growth challenges into their therapeutic style. We encourage you to browse our profiles and see if someone on our staff feels right for you.

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