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Below are 4 drug rehabilitation centers in Cumberland, MD.

Cumberland Drug Rehab Centers

Allegany County Health Department - Outpatient Addictions Program
Location: Cumberland, MD - 21502
Contact Phone: (301) 759-5050
Website: http://www.alleganyhealthdept.com/
Description: The Allegany County Health Department Behavioral Health Services provide treatment and prevention services to individuals and families experiencing difficulties with chemical dependence/abuse and mental health issues. Addiction is viewed as a progressive disease, characterized by a pathological pattern of chemical use, physiological involvement, and related physical, behavioral, social, and emotional difficulties. We believe that addiction negatively affects all persons who are significantly involved with the individual, and that significant others often respond in a manner that supports continued chemical use; therefore, we encourage involvement of significant others in treatment. Staff views abstinence from substance use as the primary goal of treatment. Mental health issues are defined as those diagnoses contained in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. We believe that each patient faces distinct struggles and possesses individual strengths and capabilities. Therefore, services are based upon an individual treatment plan developed with the provider and patient. We believe that each patient and family possesses a unique combination of strengths and weaknesses; therefore, the most effective treatment approach is individualized, and based on comprehensive assessment. We believe that communication with community agencies is essential to comprehensive care and recovery. We see ourselves as integral parts in a continuum of care designed to help individuals and their families. We believe our patients possess the ability to make positive choices for themselves. Our services are based on respect for the individual's personal dignity. We are committed to a continuous and comprehensive assessment and improvement of our services.
Allegany County Health Department - Joseph S. Massie Unit
Location: Cumberland, MD - 21502
Contact Phone: (301) 777-2285
Website: http://www.alleganyhealthdept.com/
Description: The Joseph S. Massie Unit provides comprehensive, high quality addictions treatment to individuals who are chemically dependent or abuse chemicals, and their significant others. We work cooperatively with our community in achieving our purpose. The Joseph S. Massie Unit is a multi-modality treatment facility for adults experiencing the devastating effects of alcoholism and other chemical dependency. The Unit provides comprehensive, high quality treatment to individualizes and their significant others. ASAM criteria are utilized to determine placement and length of stay is individualized, averaging 28 days. A holistic treatment approach is utilized to address the issues necessary to maintain an abstinent lifestyle. The Joseph S. Massie Unit is a tobacco-free facility. Cessation assistance is provided.
Allegany County Health Department - Lois E. Jackson Unit
Location: Cumberland, MD - 21502
Contact Phone: (301) 777-2352
Website: http://www.alleganyhealthdept.com/
Description: Located in the mountains of Western Maryland, The Lois E. Jackson Unit is a licensed residential adolescent addiction treatment program offering a high quality comprehensive and confidential continuum of care. We specialize in treating all forms of substance abuse and focus on helping clients and their families find solutions to the complex issues associated with addiction. The Jackson Unit is operated by the Allegany County Health Department, and has been helping adolescents since 1980. A team of dedicated and experienced staff provide a professional yet personal touch to ensure that clients receive the necessary individualized treatment they need to facilitate growth and recovery in a warm and friendly environment. Created as one of the first residential adolescent treatment programs in the United States, the Jackson Unit was founded on the belief that an early intervention was necessary in order to break the cycle of addiction and treat the gamut of harmful consequences and issues related to teenage chemical dependency. Offering a holistic 60-day approach, our clinical team addresses issues such as past trauma, co-occurring disorders, and family discord. In order to determine a client’s appropriate level of care, the Jackson Unit evaluates candidates using the American Society of Addiction Medicine Patient Placement Criteria (ASAM-PPC). The Jackson Unit accepts most insurance plans, including Maryland Medicaid. Fees are assessed via the Maryland sliding fee scale. Adolescents are accepted from throughout the state of Maryland.

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