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Below are 5 drug rehabilitation centers in Hazard, KY.

Hazard Drug Rehab Centers

Arh Psychiatric Center
Location: Hazard, KY - 41701
Contact Phone: (606) 439-1331
Website: http://www.arh.org
Description: The ARH Psychiatric Center is the designated State acute mental health facility for a 21-county region. Inpatient care is provided for adults 18 and older. As part of the Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center, this facility is designed to treat the whole person with skill and compassion. Since opening in 1993, the 100-bed ARH Psychiatric Center continues to develop its services, and is committed to offering an innovative model of mental health treatment for the rural communities we serve. The most frequent conditions we treat are depression, bipolar disorder and chronic schizophrenia. We help patients help themselves to return home to lead fulfilling, productive lives.
Appalachian Counseling Services
Location: Hazard, KY - 41701
Contact Phone: (606) 487-1300
Bhg Hazard Treatment Center
Location: Hazard, KY - 41701
Contact Phone: (606) 487-1646
Website: http://hazard.bhgrecovery.com/
Description: We are a leading provider of opioid addiction treatment services. BHG utilizes pharmacotherapy (maintenance and detoxification) as well as counseling to treat both the bio-chemical and psychosocial aspects of addiction. In doing so, BHG offers each patient the best opportunity for a successful recovery. Our outpatient opioid addiction treatment center addresses each patient’s physical opioid addiction with either Methadone or Buprenorphine medications in combination with counseling and skill development. The choice of which medication each patient will try will usually be decided by the patient in consultation with his/her physician.
Kentucky River Community Care Inc. - Perry County Outpatient Clinic
Location: Hazard, KY - 41701
Contact Phone: (606) 436-5761
Website: http://www.krccnet.com
Description: KRCC is a nonprofit Community Mental Health Center dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the people of our region. We help individuals and families in the eight counties of the Kentucky River region by providing, Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, Substance Abuse and Trauma Services. KRCC seeks to promote public safety, boost economic well-being and improve community and individual quality of life. Since 1969, KRCC has been addressing health issues by identifying needs, bringing people together, forming community partnerships, identifying resources to fund solutions and seeking changes in the overall health environment.
Kentucky River Community Care Inc. - Project Addvance
Location: Hazard, KY - 41701
Contact Phone: (606) 435-2839
Website: http://www.krccnet.com/
Description: Project ADDVANCE (Addressing Dimensions of Domestic Violence Addiction Needs through Community Effort) is located in Perry County and primarily serves residents of Perry County. Project ADDVANCE is an intensive treatment program that assists women with substance abuse or dependence who are also overcoming trauma from an abusive relationship. The project serves Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) recipients in Perry County. Admission Criteria: Project ADDVANCE will serve women who are: * In need of intensive services to recover from Substance Abuse/Dependence * Working toward independence from public assistance * Overcoming trauma from an abusive relationship (past or present) * Non-custodial parents working to regain custody of their children * Resolving legal issues with the judicial system * Pregnant and having difficulty becoming or staying drug-free * Affected by another family member's substance abuse

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