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Gooding Drug Rehab Centers

Walker Center
Location: Gooding, ID - 83330
Contact Phone: (208) 934-8461
Website: http://www.thewalkercenter.org
Description: Established in 1976, Walker Center is Idaho's premier alcohol and drug addiction treatment provider. As a not-for-profit entity, we seek to offer high-quality, evidence-based treatment services at an affordable price. As one of the leading treatment centers in the Northwest, Walker Center has helped thousands of people find a way out of the craziness addiction brings to lead much more meaningful, productive lives. Walker Center's residential program is for adults over the age of 18 and treats drug and alcohol addiction as a disease. The client's length of stay at The Walker Center is determined by clinical needs, minimum standard stay is 28 days. Our residential program, located in a beautiful, modern facility in Gooding, Idaho, offers gender-specific and gender-separate treatment. This best practice standard gives clients the opportunity to discuss important issues and explore the realities of their addiction without the distraction that often comes in mixed-gender programs. Walker Center uses a number of different treatment modalities to help clients build the foundation for a lasting recovery. Cognitive Behavioral Group counseling is the preferred method in helping clients get a clearer, more realistic picture of how addiction has impacted their lives and the lives of those around them. Group counseling also helps clients discover that they are not alone, not the only one whose use of alcohol and/or drugs has wreaked havoc within the home, work, relationships, finances, health and within their own personal value system. Walker Center offers experiential-based therapies on our state-of-the-art CHALLENGE course - all designed to give clients direct, meaningful and personal feedback by interacting with the environment. These experiential exercises, when combined with the other elements of our program, offer a powerful experience in helping clients make different choices and uncover new strategies in dealing with old problems. The Walker Center provides outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Gooding, Idaho for adolescents, adults and their families. Our Intensive Outpatient Program is a highly-structured treatment process designed to address the realities of addiction and the issues faced in early recovery. This program offers motivated individuals the opportunity to receive intensive treatment with minimal disruption to home and work responsibilities. We also encourage family and concerned others to be a part of this phase of the treatment process.

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