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Below are 3 drug rehabilitation centers in Port Charlotte, FL.

Port Charlotte Drug Rehab Centers

Life Transitions Inc
Location: Port Charlotte, FL - 33952
Contact Phone: (941) 627-2100
Website: http://www.lifetransitionsfl.net/
Description: We offer a full range of professional counseling services to help you deal with mental health, substance abuse or relationship problems. We accept most insurances and have served many self pay clients living here or living out of town by phone. We have helped individuals and businesses resolve their issues over the last 25 years without turning anyone away because of cost, while maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. We have specialists with children and teens, couples, and seniors dealing with a wide range of diagnosis and personal issues. Respect for your cultural bacjground and absolute confidentiality are always involved with your service..
Gulf Harbor Treatment Center
Location: Port Charlotte, FL - 33952
Contact Phone: (941) 286-2861
Website: http://www.gulfharbortreatment.com/
Description: For over a decade, Gulf Harbor Treatment Center has dedicated itself to providing a world class Detox, Residential (28 day), Intensive Outpatient and Transitional Living Program for those seeking help for their addictions. With a combination of the Hazelden Model, Neuro Restructuring and 12 Step Components, we provide a pathway to regaining the addiction free life style you want. Our caring Clinicians and Staff greet every client that comes through our door with respect and an understanding that you are seeking the answers and the help that has been eluding you. With 24/7 guidance, we will set you on a path of self-discovery and empower you to make the decisions you want to remove addictions from your life and create a better future for yourself and the ones that care about. A highly structured program will set a course through the turbulent waters you once lived in and assist in providing navigation to the destination of recovery. In addition to our Clinicians, we also provide ancillary services including Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Fitness, Massage and Yoga to further diversify your treatment protocols. Psychosocial, Group and Individual therapy will also include scheduled meetings to develop a continuum of support once you complete the program at Gulf Harbor. As you step forward into the new life you have created, the opportunity of an aftercare service program will be available to assure the skills and recovery you made at Gulf Harbor will continue. Maintaining a substance free lifestyle and having a support network for your future is the ultimate goal at Gulf Harbor.
Operation Par - Maps Satellite Clinic (charlotte County)
Location: Port Charlotte, FL - 33953
Contact Phone: (239) 656-7700
Website: http://www.operationpar.org/
Description: For individuals addicted to opiates (pain pills, heroin, Oxycontin, etc.) Operation PAR's MAPS have a proven track record for improving the quality of life for patients. We offer Methadone Maintenance, Methadone Detox, Buprenorphine Maintenance and Detox, and other medication assisted treatments. All patients who qualify for treatment receive the following: Physical Examination and Laboratory Workup, In-depth Assessment of their Life Systems, Individualized Treatment Plan, Regular Counseling by Trained Staff, Specialized Treatment for Pregnant Women. The treatment center atmosphere is one of a professional medical office, complete with dedicated and caring staff. The primary drug screening method is Oral Fluid testing which is far less invasive than urinalysis.

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