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Below are 7 drug rehabilitation centers in Pompano Beach, FL.

Pompano Beach Drug Rehab Centers

Adult Residential Services Broward Specenterum Programs Inc
Location: Pompano Beach, FL - 33060
Contact Phone: (954) 563-6413
Bridges Of America Turning Point Bridge
Location: Pompano Beach, FL - 33060
Contact Phone: (954) 580-0949
Website: http://www.bridgesofamerica.com/
Description: The Turning Point Bridge gives male inmates an opportunity to get their lives back on track. The foundation of the program is the Therapeutic Community Concepts, which are essential to maintaining a drug-free lifestyle in social contexts. With clinical supervision, this peer-led, peer-driven environment encourages the men to become active participants in their recovery. The men in the Work Release program men are gainfully employed during the day and continue their treatment at night. Work Release inmates are required to pay subsistence for room and board, which saves taxpayers money. Inmates also make court-ordered payments, send money home for family support, and are required to set money aside for savings upon their release. Our substance abuse treatment and value-added services teach problem solving, critical thinking, conflict resolution, and recovery maintenance skills. The program offerings at each facility vary to best meet the needs of the persons served.
Broward Outpatient North Specenterum Programs Inc
Location: Pompano Beach, FL - 33060
Contact Phone: (954) 781-4405
Parents Information And Resource Center, Inc.
Location: Pompano Beach, FL - 33060
Contact Phone: (954) 785-8285
Website: http://www.pircinc.org
Description: The Parent’s Information & Resource Center, Inc. (PIRC) is a not-for-profit corporation, chartered in the State of Florida. A Board of Directors representing a cross-section of the Broward County community governs it. The President/Chief Executive Officer and Administrative Staff of the Agency are responsible to the Board of Directors. Our aim is to provide counseling, intervention, prevention, treatment and educational services to people in the community of all ages, including parents and children who are at risk of separation or who are attempting reunification. As a comprehensive community mental health center, our doors are open to offer a variety of services, particularly to those involved in the legal, mental health and/or social service systems. PIRC’s charge is to provide services to all persons including indigent individuals, especially multi cultural families who typically could not afford, or would reluctantly seek counseling and educational assistance. PIRC believes that individuals should be self-sufficient as long as possible and parents should be responsible for raising their own children.
Treatment Solutions 411
Location: Pompano Beach, FL - 33062
Contact Phone: 1-877-41-sober
Lamb Of God Ministries, Inc. D.b.a Lamb Of God Recovery Centers
Location: Pompano Beach, FL - 33060
Contact Phone: (954) 946-7332
Website: http://journey2freedom.net/
Description: Lamb of God Recovery Centers, Inc. is licensed by DCF for Level IV Residential Substance Abuse Treatment with a 50-bed facility in Pompano Beach, Florida. Before treatment begins we assess physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational stability to determine how much support exist and what each client’s needs are. Each individual’s program is tailored to his specific needs, utilizing the latest proven methods of cognitive behavior therapy and 12-step work from a biblical perspective. The 12-step process is the pattern to develop coping strategies for a lifestyle free from substances abuse. In addition, the cognitive behavioral techniques are employed to correct non-productive thought and behavior patterns. Our relapse prevention strategy involves the discovery and articulation of relapse triggers and key behavioral signs of impending relapse as well as methods of avoiding those behaviors. Lamb of God Recovery Centers offers a highly structured long-term six- to twelve-month programs for men with alcohol and substance abuse issues. Many clients have demonstrated problems in applying recovery skills, a lack of connection to the world of work, education or family life. Clinical services are combined with a supportive environment that include a focus on recovery skills, relapse-prevention, improving emotional functioning, promoting personal responsibility, anger management, and reintegration into the worlds of work, education and family life. One-on-one and family sessions are provided as well as group therapy. Through these approaches we have become a well-know and proven leader in licensed faith-based recovery. Curriculum includes the following: AA Legacy, Genesis Process, Journey to Freedom, and GraceWalk
Colonial Management Group Lp - Pompano Treatment Center
Location: Pompano Beach, FL - 33069
Contact Phone: (954) 782-9774
Website: http://methadonetreatment.com/
Description: Colonial Management Group, LP (CMG) is a unique organization of sixty-four (64) private outpatient substance abuse treatment clinics that have been successfully treating opiate dependence since 1986. The Company, which is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, takes great pride in establishing and maintaining the values, mission, and direction of the organization. We are continuously searching for the most innovative techniques to utilize in our facilities to ensure the most comprehensive treatment experience resulting in the best outcome possible. CMG operates as outpatient clinics specifically designed for persons addicted to the opioid class of drugs, including prescription pain medications and heroin. Patients are enrolled into a comprehensive program, which includes individual and group counseling to address psychological and social needs in addition to their chemical dependence
1st Step Behavioral Health
Location: Pompano Beach, FL - 33064
Contact Phone: 866-319-6126
Website: https://firststepbh.com

First Step Behavioral Health is an award winning Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility located in Pompano Beach, Florida offering Medical Detox, Inpatient and outpatient treatment, and residential Treatment. Our substance abuse treatment approach is to meet each individuals unique needs.

Banyan Treatment Center Pompano
Location: Pompano Beach, FL - 33062
Contact Phone: 9549457520
Website: https://www.banyanpompano.com/

At Banyan Treatment Center, our mission is to help those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to reach their goal of a happy, healthy, and productive sober life, through an array of treatment therapies provided by our licensed clinical and medical professionals. Our individualized and tailored treatment plans allow Banyan to set the standards high for of patient care. Our treatment center in Pompano is here to help those struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel.


Our alcohol and drug treatment programs provide consistency, accountability and responsibility along with the importance of integrating a 12-step program into the patient’s daily life.


At Banyan Treatment Center Pompano, we believe in giving our patients all the tools they will need through our care treatment plan, so when they return to normal day-to-day life, they will be productive and positive members of society. Banyan Treatment Center stands as the leader in providing growth through recovery. Start life in recovery today with the help of Banyan Treatment Center, we have facilities nationwide. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Pompano offers various recovery programs for individuals looking for specialized treatment options on the path to a healthy lifestyle. We offer partial hospitalization programs, intensive and regular outpatient programs, and vivitrol treatments. Every person requires a tailored treatment that meets their specific recovery needs, and we cater to everyone.

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