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Below are 10 drug rehabilitation centers in Fort Pierce, FL.

Fort Pierce Drug Rehab Centers

Drug Abuse Treatment Association Inc. (data) - Fort Pierce Outpatient
Location: Fort Pierce, FL - 34981
Contact Phone: (772) 595-3322
Website: http://www.drugabusetreatment.org
Description: DATA provides effective quality programs for children, adolescents and their families experiencing problems with substance abuse and/or juvenile delinquency. We provide services in Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Okeechobee, Florida counties. We are committed to providing programs that foster the skills necessary for individuals to be responsible, productive members of their communities. Outpatient services include screening, assessment, counseling, information and referral, and urinalysis services. DATA provides screening services for any person referred to the program. The level of care generally involves weekly sessions supplemented by participation in self-help meetings. Family therapy is an integral part of the client’s treatment experience. Outreach services are provided for adolescents in their homes and at sites more accessible for the client.
Drug Abuse Treatment Association Inc. (data) - Norman C. Hayslip Center
Location: Fort Pierce, FL - 34981
Contact Phone: (772) 464-7575
Website: http://www.drugabusetreatment.org
Description: The Norman C. Hayslip Center in Ft. Pierce has 19 beds. The average length of stay is six months and includes individual, group, and family therapy as well as on-site education programs. The center operates year round, 24 hours a day. Successful completion of the program is based on: progressing academically, coming to terms with the impact drugs have had on the client’s live and changing behavior that is not acceptable in society.
Choices Counseling Center
Location: Fort Pierce, FL - 34950
Contact Phone: (800) 981-9228
Counseling And Recovery Center Inc
Location: Fort Pierce, FL - 34947
Contact Phone: (772) 467-3057
Website: http://www.crcenter.org/
Description: Our mission is to provide effective drug and alcohol treatment services for women and to demonstrate an alternative way of living where one can embrace life without dependency on alcohol or drugs.
New Horizons Of The Treasure Coast And Okeechobee - Detoxification Unit
Location: Fort Pierce, FL - 34981
Contact Phone: (772) 672-8480
Website: http://www.newhorizonsmhsa.org/
Description: In 1958 a group of concerned citizens formed the Indian River Mental Health Clinic in Ft. Pierce to meet the needs of people with emotional and mental health disorders. Through the years, the organization has evolved to meet the ever changing needs of the community and in the process has experienced many changes including names and locations. New Horizons of the Treasure Coast and Okeechobee will provide accessible, recovery-oriented behavioral health care services to improve the quality of life for individuals and families in our community.
Florida Center For Recovery Inc
Location: Fort Pierce, FL - 34981
Contact Phone: (772) 460-2777
Website: http://www.floridacenterforrecovery.net/
Description: Treasure Coast, FCR offers those with substance abuse problems a high-quality, affordable treatment program in an atmosphere of trust, safety and compassion.
Restoration House
Location: Fort Pierce, FL - 34950
Contact Phone: (772) 468-7900
Website: http://www.restorationministriesinc.org/
Description: The purpose of Restoration House is to offer people with life controlling problems (drugs, alcohol, abuse, illiteracy, poverty, etc.) a way out of these problems. We help them find a new way of life and reenter society as productive citizens through drug education, life skills training, employability training, academic and vocational improvement, ensuring a drug-free and self sufficient lifestyle. Restoration House fills a major gap in our community, by providing faith based residential and outpatient counseling and treatment for people as they rehabilitate, educate, get jobs and become independent of government assistance. They are taught to develop positive attitudes, such as high self-esteem, trustworthiness, concern for others and acceptance of responsibility.
Village Op Crc
Location: Fort Pierce, FL - 34954
Contact Phone: (772) 429-2086
Adap Counseling Services - Ft. Pierce Office
Location: Fort Pierce, FL - 34982
Contact Phone: (772) 466-4328
Website: http://www.tes-fl.com/
Description: ADAP was established in 1983 to provide educational services to first time offenders. Today ADAP Counseling Services offers comprehensive counseling and educational programs for the community. ADAP has a professional and certified clinical staff who work with our clients to recognize behavioral patterns, learn new coping skills, and make healthier life choices. ADAP uses a variety of integrative counseling techniques designed to help the individual take responsibility and become a better person for the benefit of themselves, their family, and the community. ADAP has grown, offering additional services and locations to meet the needs of the community. ADAP offers flexible office hours and program schedules. ADAP is licensed by the Department of Children and Family Services, and is recognized referral source of the court system.
Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc. - Fort Pierce Clinic
Location: Fort Pierce, FL - 34950
Contact Phone: (772) 468-6800
Website: http://www.methadoneworks.net/
Description: We are an addictions and recovery treatment program specializing in Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid and Narcotics Addictions. Central Florida Treatment Centers in Ft. Pierce has been treating patients since 2006. We understand Opioid Dependency and help each patient design a recovery plan to meet their needs. Methadone or Suboxone therapy combined with counseling and support are used to break the grip of withdrawal and the destructive cycle of Opioid use. The clinical staff works to help patients build and establish a healthy mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery. Life becomes livable again. Treatment fees are comprehensive, covering all services provided. No “nickel and diming.”

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