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Below are 13 drug rehabilitation centers in Clearwater, FL.

Clearwater Drug Rehab Centers

Adult Outpatient Operation Par Inc
Location: Clearwater, FL - 33760
Contact Phone: (727) 524-4311
Website: http://www.operationpar.org
Description: Health and Wellness are the cornerstones of a happy productive life. Use of drugs and alcohol can interfere with that happiness for you and your family. Our outpatient services offer you the ability to assess and identify the critical needs in your life and offer you the support and strategies to achieve your goals while maintaining your work and family commitments. You can engage in an effective assessment to set those goals either in person or through eServices. Effective outpatient treatment requires that you do not need a medical detoxification and that you do have a stable living and work/school environment.
Location: Clearwater, FL - 33765
Contact Phone: (727) 410-8911
Website: http://www.alternative2rehab.com
Description: Empower yourself and improve your quality of life with our proven holistic approach. It’s a positive alternative to traditional residential “rehab”. At eEmpower, we teach clients to change their behaviors, go above previous limits, and beyond labels by using Perception Therapy® at Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment® wellness vacations, in a beautiful, Zen-inspired, spa-like setting. We are an Alternative to Traditional “Residential” Treatment and the 12 steps. We know addiction, and unwanted emotional relapses do not have to occur or get in the way of recovery and/or life, and we offer a proven process of transformation. YES! You can live happy, healthy, and productive life without affirming that you “are” your label every day, and without living in fear that unwanted feelings and/or behaviors will lead to dysfunctional thinking or behaviors. We know that each of us possesses the ability to modify our perceptions, thinking, and behaviors, and we know how. So we’re all empowered to help you create a new, better, healthier, happier, “holier” you! eEmpower is located at the eEvolve Holistic Health and Wellness Center in Clearwater, Florida. The beautiful, calming environment at the facility provides those who feel hopeless a glimpse of what good life has to offer. Residents have their own bedrooms, equipped with flat screen TVs, access to therapeutic practices such as yoga and meditation, and so much more to promote positivity during the process of getting well.
Alternative Treatment International Inc
Location: Clearwater, FL - 33755
Contact Phone: (727) 204-4341
Detoxification Program Operation Par Inc
Location: Clearwater, FL - 33760
Contact Phone: (727) 538-7243
Website: http://www.operationpar.org
Description: Medical Detoxification - INPATIENT: This program provides a physical health screening, psychosocial assessment, medically monitored detoxification and stabilization for individuals dependent on drugs and alcohol. Your time in detox will vary based on your needs. We treat all with care, kindness and respect, and prepare you for your recovery journey. Your detox experience includes: 24 hr Medical Supervision; Physical Health Screening; Assessment; Individual Counseling; Family Counseling; Group Education; Case Management; Linkage to Further Services (if needed). OUTPATIENT: After assessment you may be eligible for our out patient detox program. Outpatient detox ranges from 10 to 14 consecutive days for 4 hours a day and personal transportation is required. We treat all with care, kindness and respect, and prepare you for your recovery journey. Your outpatient detox experience includes: Daily Medical Monitoring; Individual Counseling; Family Counseling; Lunch is provided
Directions For Living - Clearwater Center
Location: Clearwater, FL - 33764
Contact Phone: (727) 524-4464
Website: http://www.directionsforliving.org/
Description: At Directions for Living, we offer hope, recovery and compassion while restoring each person’s dignity and quality of life. We strengthen individuals and families by wrapping them in our services, linking to relevant resources, and lowering the cost of care. We help build a healthier, safer community through integrated healthcare and social support, and we have a passion for the clients we serve. Offering behavioral health services for adults and children in need of mental healthcare or substance abuse treatment, Child Safety and Family Preservation programs which include diversion services, adoption, foster care, and dependency case management, and Prevention, Wellness, and Recovery Services which feature homeless outreach, case management, early childhood consultation, our New Beginnings recovery center, and even primary care services so you can see all of your care providers in one trip, Directions for Living is dedicated to serving as an advocate and partner for all adults, children, and families in the greater Tampa Bay area.
Focus One Inc
Location: Clearwater, FL - 33762
Contact Phone: (727) 572-5202
Website: http://www.focusoneinc.com
Description: Focus One is a Holistic Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program located in Clearwater, Florida. Focus One was established in 1989 by Dr. Patricia Noll who is an expert in self-esteem. She specializes in helping others discover how to feel good about themselves 'just because' so they can enjoy a lifetime of happiness.
Narconon Florida Inc
Location: Clearwater, FL - 33765
Contact Phone: (727) 796-1011
Website: http://www.narcononflorida.org/
Description: For over a decade Narconon Florida has been delivering rehabilitation and treatment services in the greater Tampa Bay area. Narconon Florida, Inc. is a private non-profit agency that is licensed by The State of Florida. For over a decade we have provided Outpatient Detoxification and Treatment Services to individuals throughout the nation that are dealing with alcohol and substance abuse. We provide rehabilitation and recovery for most forms of addiction, including: Alcohol, Prescription Drugs, Poly-Substance abuse. The Narconon Program, unlike more traditional treatment, deals with both the physical and mental problems and addresses addiction recovery and education. We do not use drugs to take you off drugs. The Narconon program is based on years of research in drug and alcohol addiction in order to to provide a program with a high success rate where the patients are able to go to on to lead happy, ethical lives. The goal of Narconon Florida is to offer effective drug education as well as technology to those in need. The objective of our program is to assist the student back into society by addressing the reduction of incidence with the legal system. The program improves damaged relationships with his/her family, and also gives guidance in making realistic decisions and contributions to society. The goal of Narconon is to significantly impact the drug abuse problem in the Tampa Bay area as well as on an international level. The product of Narconon is a drug free individual who is a contributing member to society. Narconon has no political or religious aims and its sole intent is the rehabilitation of persons with drug and/or alcohol addiction with a success rate of 78%.
Operation Par Inc. - Maps Clinic (pinellas County)
Location: Clearwater, FL - 33760
Contact Phone: (727) 507-4673
Website: http://www.operationpar.org
Description: For individuals addicted to opiates (pain pills, heroin, Oxycontin, etc.) Operation PAR's MAPS have a proven track record for improving the quality of life for patients. We offer Methadone Maintenance, Methadone Detox, Buprenorphine Maintenance and Detox, and other medication assisted treatments. All patients who qualify for treatment receive the following: Physical Examination and Laboratory Workup, In-depth Assessment of their Life Systems, Individualized Treatment Plan, Regular Counseling by Trained Staff, Specialized Treatment for Pregnant Women. The treatment center atmosphere is one of a professional medical office, complete with dedicated and caring staff. The primary drug screening method is Oral Fluid testing which is far less invasive than urinalysis.
People Builders Inc - Clearwater
Location: Clearwater, FL - 33760
Contact Phone: (727) 538-4150
Website: http://buonomocounseling.com/
Description: Thomas Buonomo, LMHC, CAP is a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Board Certified Addiction Specialist while also being Internationally Board Certified in Addictions. He has been in the Mental Health field since 1986 and has provided service in nearly all areas of treatment. Thomas Buonomo, LMHC, CAP currently operates a private practice specializing in counseling individuals, adolescents, children and families and has offices in Palm Harbor and Clearwater, Florida.
Fairwinds Treatment Center
Location: Clearwater, FL - 33756
Contact Phone: (727) 449-0300
Website: http://www.fairwindstreatment.com
Description: Fairwinds Treatment Center opened in 1989 as a dually diagnosed treatment facility. Since the doors opened, Fairwinds has been a true pioneer in both dual diagnosis and pharmacology. Our mission has been to help get families back together. Fairwinds specializes in customized care from prestigious professionals. Our clinical team is highly trained and experienced and works closely with each individual. Fairwinds specializes in treating adults with substance abuse and mental health issues. Fairwinds also treats both adolescent and adult females and males struggling with eating disorders. Fairwinds delivers highly personalized care with one of the highest staff-to-patient ratios in the industry. Our unique model for recovery combines individualized care with individual/group therapies so that our patients are exposed to a multi-faceted support network. Most importantly, our rate of success is high, because our intimately designed programs are managed by a highly qualified clinical team. Each patient is treated with compassion, individualized care and respect.
Integrity Counseling Inc.
Location: Clearwater, FL - 33762
Contact Phone: (727) 531-7988
Website: http://www.integritycounseling.net/
Description: At Integrity Counseling & Coaching, we help people overcome difficulties, achieve goals and live rewarding, enjoyable lives. We are dedicated to providing high quality, confidential services for individuals, families and the community. We respect individual needs, recognize the whole person and the value of relationships. We understand that choosing a well qualified, competent counselor is an important decision.
Whitesands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Clearwater
Location: Clearwater, FL - 33765
Contact Phone: 727-270-9970
Website: https://whitesandstreatment.com/locations/florida/clearwater

If you reside in the Clearwater, Florida area, you have the opportunity to meet with a compassionate and supportive WhiteSands Treatment Clearwater specialist who can help answer your questions and concerns, as well as provide guidance, when seeking help. Our representatives are a knowledgeable and valuable resource for those looking for drug and alcohol treatment as to facilitate a smooth and seamless transition into rehab. Our Clearwater location provides outpatient treatment, and we have a nearby 10 acre campus facility that provides very comfortable inpatient treatment. Please see our website for more information on inpatient services and amenities.

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