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Executive Addictive Disease Programs Inc
Location: Washington, DC - 20016
Contact Phone: (202) 362-2588
Website: http://www.eadp.net
Description: Established in 1992, EADP provides evaluation, education, and outpatient treatment services for clients struggling with alcohol and drug problems. EADP offers solutions for individuals and families working to address the issue of chemical dependence in their lives. EADP helps individuals working from the fragmented paradigm of chemical dependency to develop the tools needed to have a more integrated and prioritized view of problems and their solutions.
Neighbors Consejo
Location: Washington, DC - 20010
Contact Phone: (202) 234-6855
Website: http://www.neighborsconsejo.org
Description: Since our humble beginnings in a local church basement in 1994, Neighbors' Consejo has been working with and for some of the most vulnerable members of our city. Our mission is to provide multicultural services for the homeless, addicted and low-income men, women, and families of Washington D.C., in the neighborhoods of Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights and Mount Pleasant. We work to connect men and women to social and economic opportunities and to empower them to self-sufficiency. We were founded when a small group of concerned residents sought an effective way to alleviate the rising tide of homelessness and addiction they witnessed daily on the streets of their Mount Pleasant neighborhood. That core group became our first board of directors upon incorporating Neighbors' Consejo in 1995. In response to the high concentration of the City's Latino population in Ward One, we have placed a special emphasis on the provision of services in a linguistically and culturally appropriate manner right from the start. The spirit of mutual respect between ourselves as professionals and each participant in our programs animates our approach. Our name itself means Neighbors' "Council” and evokes the climate of dignity we seek to create in and through our work. In striving towards our goal of ending homelessness and poverty, we respond directly to the personal and social conditions that lie at their root cause. Each of our programs is a part of our overall continuum of care, which we designed to address the many complicated issues facing our program participants. The continuum is made up of three programs: Street Outreach, Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Health Treatment.
Substance Abuse Program Latin American Youth Center
Location: Washington, DC - 20009
Contact Phone: (202) 319-2225
Website: http://www.layc-dc.org/
Description: The LAYC Substance Abuse Prevention Program provides outreach, prevention and outpatient treatment services to youth and their families. The goals of the program are to prevent youth from becoming involved in drug use, and provide counseling services to youth who are abusing alcohol and/or other drugs. Prevention, treatment and rehabilitation will be accomplished through a holistic program combining: intake and assessment, individual, group, and family therapy, case management, school-based groups and referrals.
Cataada House
Location: Washington, DC - 20002
Contact Phone: (202) 832-8336
Website: http://www.cataadahouse.org/
Description: A free and confidential alcohol and drug intervention program, which stresses spiritual growth and knowledge of the disease of addiction.
Circulo De Andromeda
Location: Washington, DC - 20010
Contact Phone: (202) 291-0949
Website: http://andromedahealth.webs.com/
Description: Círculo de Andromeda provides alcohol & drug evaluation and treatment by mental health professionals who are certified in chemical dependency treatment. Services are provided for both the substance abuser and family. All services are FREE of charge.
Laclinica Del Pueblo Inc Mental Health Substance Abuse Program
Location: Washington, DC - 20009
Contact Phone: (202) 462-4788
Website: http://www.lcdp.org/
Description: Working with a holistic approach to health care, La Clínica understands that mental health is a vital component to healthy living. Staff works to de-stigmatize therapeutic care in the eyes of La Clínica's patients and the broader Latino immigrant community. For La Clínica’s patients, the trauma of the immigration experience and the stress of making ends meet in challenging economic times can produce tremendous pressure on families in the Latino community.
Psychiatric Services George Washington University Hospital
Location: Washington, DC - 20037
Contact Phone: (202) 715-5080
Website: http://www.gwhospital.com
Description: The George Washington University Hospital has been a leader in providing behavioral healthcare to area residents for more than a century. Through innovative and comprehensive programs combined with a belief that each patient's success is the product of a team effort, GW Hospital continues to be the provider of choice for mental health treatment in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Psychiatric services at GW Hospital are built upon a commitment to excellence in patient care that enhances the opportunity for recovery and exceeds the expectations of patients and referral sources. Early assessments and treatment of behavioral health problems can help treatment for other medical illnesses, and help those patients with concomitant medical diagnoses to maximize their rehabilitation potentials
The Foundation For Contemporary Mental Health - Next Step
Location: Washington, DC - 20037
Contact Phone: (202) 296-4422
Website: http://www.thenextstepdc.org/
Description: One of three programs of The Foundation for Contemporary Mental Health (FCMH), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, The Next Step is a private, abstinence-based intensive outpatient drug treatment program that was established in 1985 in response to the District of Columbia’s growing drug problem. The Next Step recognizes that alcohol and drug addiction is a progressive medical illness that negatively impacts all sectors of society regardless of age, education, race/ethnicity, gender, occupation, or socio-economic status. Typically, The Next Step patient is an adult, 21 years or older, with a progressive history of chemical dependency disease. His/her primary drug of choice is marijuana, cocaine, heroin, PCP, and/or alcohol. Many have already had some exposure to the judicial system ranging from arrests/convictions for driving under the influence to incarceration. They have recognized the destruction to their lives brought on by their drug/alcohol abuse and/or dependence. They want to change their circumstances but need the kind of help and structure that The Next Step program offers in order to attain sobriety and sustain their recovery.
Kolmac Clinic
Location: Washington, DC - 20005
Contact Phone: (202) 638-1992
Website: http://www.kolmac.com
Description: The Washington, D.C. office of the Kolmac Clinic has provided drug and alcohol treatment in D.C. since 1984. This location provides intensive outpatient alcohol and drug rehabilitation, continuing care and family services.
Hillcrest Children & Family Center
Location: Washington, DC - 20001
Contact Phone: (202) 232-6100
Website: http://www.hillcrest-dc.org/
Description: Hillcrest Children and Family Centern (HCFC) is a behavioral health care and social services agency that provide behavioral health treatment and prevention as well as community and family support services. We are a private not for profit organization established in 1815 by First Lady Dolley Madison. Committed to providing each client with the highest quality, cost effective, and timely service to meet their needs, we promote wellness and the well-being of our service population, staff, and the general community.
Family And Medical Counseling Services
Location: Washington, DC - 20020
Contact Phone: (202) 889-7900
Website: http://www.fmcsinc.org
Description: FMCS is a community health center located in the historic Anacostia neighborhood of Southeast Washington, D.C. A visionary organization since our founding in 1976, we have developed and implemented programs and partnerships that have effectively addressed the most imposing healthcare threats facing local communities. The high level of personal commitment demonstrated by our professional staff and extensive network of collaborators has made FMCS a respected source of education, referral, and treatment services, including HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness. By helping people lead healthier and more productive lives, our cutting-edge initiatives and care improve the quality of life every day throughout the Washington area.
Clean And Sober Streets
Location: Washington, DC - 20001
Contact Phone: (202) 783-7343
Website: http://www.cleanandsoberstreets.org/
Description: Clean & Sober Streets Celebrates its 26th Year of offering long term residential drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation services for men and women who are willing to recover in Washington, DC. C&SS graduated its first phase in January, 1988. Using the 12-Step philosophy, the program survives and thrives due to community support from concerned organizations and individuals seeking to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Our alcohol/drug free setting encompasses much more than just the absence of alcohol and other drugs. It promotes the attitude that a joyful and productive life is possible without alcohol or mood-altering drugs. Since many addicts cannot conceive of a life without drugs, the demonstration of an alcohol/drug-free life is critical. The men and women who come to Clean & Sober Streets for help have a variety of backgrounds. Many have long histories of substance abuse, homelessness and/or incarceration. They come to us with medical problems and legal conflicts. Some have little education or marketable skills. We remain successful with chronic drug and alcohol abusers due to their willingness to make a change from unhealthy lifestyles which may have included the pain of incarceration, of living in the streets, and of being alienated from family and friends. C&SS demonstrates a chemical-free philosophy through the living examples of our residents. The evidence is seen every day in the successful lives of people living alcohol and drug-free
Better Way Program
Location: Washington, DC - 20019
Contact Phone: (202) 396-4290
Website: http://www.thebetterwayprogram.org/
Description: In l996, The Better Way Program was formed under the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Therapeutic Services, a non-profit 501(C) 3 federal tax-exempt organization, and added more focus on clinical and spiritual guidance. We offer individual and group counseling, relapse prevention, anger management, feelings, health education, life management, and 12-step spiritual groups, HIV/AIDS testing and education, client alumni program, vocational rehabilitation, random urinalysis/breathalyzer testing, ex-offenders support group, treatment planning, along with strong 12-step spiritual meetings.
Andromeda Transcultural Health Center
Location: Washington, DC - 20011
Contact Phone: (202) 291-4707
Website: http://andromedahealth.webs.com/
Description: Andromeda’s mission is to provide access to quality healthcare under the premise that all humans are inherently of equal worth but have cultural and linguistic differences that must be considered. This philosophy reflects a high level of community health care that has been validated by over three decades of direct service to minorities and underserved populations.
(apra) Addiction Prevention And Recovery Administration - Detox Center
Location: Washington, DC - 20003
Contact Phone: (202) 727-5163
Website: http://dbh.dc.gov/
Description: The Addiction Prevention and Recovery Administration (APRA) is the Single State Authority (SSA) for substance abuse services for the District of Columbia. APRA regulates and sets policy for substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery services. It is also the major purchaser of substance abuse services for District residents without insurance.
(apra) Addiction Prevention And Recovery Administration
Location: Washington, DC - 20002
Contact Phone: (202) 727-8473
Website: http://dbh.dc.gov/
Description: The Addiction Prevention and Recovery Administration (APRA) is the Single State Authority (SSA) for substance abuse services for the District of Columbia. APRA regulates and sets policy for substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery services. It is also the major purchaser of substance abuse services for District residents without insurance.

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