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Below are 2 drug rehabilitation centers in East Hartford, CT.

East Hartford Drug Rehab Centers

Intercommunity, Inc. - Addiction
Location: East Hartford, CT - 06118
Contact Phone: (860) 569-5900
Website: http://www.intercommunityct.org/
Description: Being a teenager is often confusing, challenging and stressful. Today's teenagers are burdened with pressures from peers along with demands from busy lives filled with family, school and athletic commitments. During this tense time of life, many teenagers will experiment with drugs and alcohol. Some will stop this behavior or continue to use substances only occasionally, without significant problems developing. Others, however, will develop a dependency or addiction, often escalating to the use of more dangerous substances that cause significant harm to themselves and others. Because teenagers can become addicted to substances more quickly than adults, they don't often fully comprehend the risks involved with their experimentations. Sadly, drug and substance abuse among teenagers is substantial. Of American youth ages 12 -17, over one million meet the diagnostic criteria for drug dependency and one million are treated for alcohol dependency. Some teenagers are at a higher risk than others for developing serious substance abuse problems. Teens with a family history of drug or alcohol abuse, and teens who suffer from depression are more likely to become addicted. In addition, 40% of teens who begin drinking at 13 or younger develop alcohol dependence later in life. And, teenagers who drink are 50 times more likely to use cocaine. Recent studies show that illegal drug use among teenagers is beginning to decline, however, non-medical use of prescription drugs, especially pain relievers, tranquilizers and stimulants, is increasing. Many teenagers assume that prescription drugs are "safe," when in fact they are highly addictive and can cause serious side effects. Parents and families are challenged with the battle of preventing substance abuse in our teenagers. We oft en hope and believe that our teenagers can handle occasional use of substances and stop whenever they choose. Once addiction occurs, early treatment greatly increases the chance of recovery. If you or someone you know is struggling with a teen addiction issue, we urge you to seek the help of a professional right away.
Paces Counseling Associates Inc
Location: East Hartford, CT - 06108
Contact Phone: (860) 528-3238
Website: http://pacescounseling.com/

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