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Below are 8 drug rehabilitation centers in Gadsden, AL.

Gadsden Drug Rehab Centers

Adult Day Program/partial Hosp Program Grandview Behavioral Health Program
Location: Gadsden, AL - 35904
Contact Phone: (256) 546-9265
Website: http://www.mtnviewhospital.com/
Description: The Partial Day Program is designed to assist older adults with emotional, behavioral, and substance abuse problems. Each Center provides clients with a supportive, structured environment without interrupting family life. The Program is tailored to each individual’s needs, level of functioning, and ability to progress. With a full range of services, we are dedicated to providing for the emotional, behavioral, and/or substance abuse needs of adults. This is accomplished through an individualized, structured schedule of group therapy and activities throughout the day. The Partial Day Program was created to help our clients improve their quality of living. The Partial Day Program offers treatment for a wide variety of clients with emotional or behavioral disorders meeting admission criteria. The Center offers intensive group therapy which includes, but is not limited to, stress management, education regarding depression, anxiety, addiction/substance abuse, anger management, relapse prevention techniques, grief and loss, self esteem, and relaxation techniques. Individual and family therapy sessions are provided according to the individual client’s needs.
Bridge Inc
Location: Gadsden, AL - 35904
Contact Phone: (256) 546-6324
Website: http://www.bridgeinc.org
Description: Founded in 1974, The Bridge provides substance abuse treatment and behavioral rehabilitation programs for adolescents (ages 12-18). Our programs are staffed with caring and qualified professionals using proven, evidence-based practices. Our commitment to quality and excellence is evident throughout the organization as we continue to seek ways to enhance and broaden our services. Our organizational goal is to be the provider of choice for adolescent treatment and rehabilitative services. The seventy-two acre Gadsden Campus is located in Etowah County, Alabama and provides a beautiful and rural treatment setting. The Bridge-corporate office and four distinct residential programs (Alpine, Northwood, Kennington and Mitchell) share the facilities, administrative and support staff services of the campus.
Gadsden Treatment Center Inc
Location: Gadsden, AL - 35901-3331
Contact Phone: (256) 549-0807
Website: http://www.thetreatmentcentersinc.com/
Description: Located in Gadsden, Alabama, The Gadsden Treatment Center was founded in 1993 in the hopes of helping the community battle opiate addiction. Gadsden Treatment Center is the only certified methadone clinic in Etowah County. With a qualified medical and clinical staff, Gadsden Treatment Center is dedicated to providing individualized treatment for each person interested in becoming abstinent from illicit opiate use. Gadsden Treatment Center is certified through CARF, receiving their highest level of accreditation with exemplary findings.
Intensive Outpatient Program For Chemical Dependency Grandview Behavioral Health Program
Location: Gadsden, AL - 35904
Contact Phone: (256) 546-9265
Website: http://www.mtnviewhospital.com/
Description: Chemical Dependency is the third largest killer in America today after heart disease and cancer. Conservative statistics show that every chemically dependent person affects the lives of at least four people, which may include spouse, children, employer and friends. Recent reports show that alcohol and other drug abuse costs industries at least $70 billion per year. Employees who use drugs on the job perform at about 50% of their normal ability. Lost productivity alone amounts to an estimated $30 billion per year. Substance Abuse Outpatient Program - This is an outpatient recovery program designed for 14 weeks of individualized approaches for treating the chemically addicted client. The program is flexible to allow clients the opportunity to fulfill his or her responsibilities of home, work and school while learning to cope with stressors without self medicating with alcohol and/or other drugs. This program will allow clients to live at home and continue to work while they receive treatment for alcohol or drug dependency. Mountain View adheres to the “concept of addictive disease” which addresses addiction as a chronic, progressive, fatal illness with medical symptoms that include tolerance, dependence, and pathologic organ changes. Behavioral symptoms include compulsion, loss of control, and continued use despite adverse consequences. Accordingly, our program considers addictive disease to be primarily a “biochemical/genetic disorder that is activated by the use of the drug.”
Mountain View Hospital
Location: Gadsden, AL - 35904
Contact Phone: (800) 245-3645
Website: http://www.mtnviewhospital.com
Description: Mountain View Hospital is a private, specialized psychiatric hospital serving children through senior adults. Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals, Mountain View Hospital is the only treatment facility of its kind that offers a complete continuum of inpatient and outpatient services throughout Alabama. Our primary goal at Mountain View Hospital is to provide the highest quality of care through our broad range of services and our devoted and caring staff.
Substance Abuse Services Men/women Cherokee/etowah/dekalb Mh Center
Location: Gadsden, AL - 35903
Contact Phone: (256) 492-7800x
Family Life Center - Gadsden Office
Location: Gadsden, AL - 35901
Contact Phone: (256) 459-4494
Website: http://familylifecenter.ws/
Description: Our mission: To fight substance abuse, mental and emotional problems through quality counseling services and drug testing. Family Life Center is a nonprofit state certified outpatient mental health and chemical dependency treatment facility now celebrating 20 years of service to our communities. We offer a multitude of services from individual, group and couples counseling to educational and therapeutic groups for substance and alcohol abuse. FLC offers domestic violence prevention, parenting classes and a certified Anger Management Program. We also offer education groups for at-risk youth. Lastly, we offer an Employee Assistance Program which assists companies in protecting their most valuable asset, their employees.

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